ID Theft Protect 

ID Theft Protect was founded in 2006 by Julian Evans and Matt Johnston. ID Theft Protect is a global Windows and mobile security-auditing specialist. Our professional consultancy services protect business, investor and shareholder investments. Here are our core business interests: 

 Mobile App security and privacy auditing 

 Windows software security and privacy testing 

 Investor and financial market asset analysis   

We are members of AMTSO and EICAR and regularly attend DEFCON, BlackHat, Mobile World Congress, Virus Bulletin, AVAR, CEBT, RSA and InfoSecurity Europe events to name a few.

The Academic World

We value our close relationships with the academic security world with North Carolina University (US) and the University of West England (UWE). This has allowed us to recruit computer science students as well as explore mobile security and privacy development projects. Here are some of the academics we work with:

Professor Xuxian Jiang – Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University. ID Theft Protect has a close working relationship with Dr Jiang in particular regards researching new mobile detection capabilities and development of remediation technologies. 

Dr. Abdullahi Arabo - Senior Lecturer in Computer Networks and Mobile Technologies, Department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies, University of West England (UWE). ID Theft Protect is collaborating with UWE on mobile and desktop security recruitment as well as mobile security and privacy related projects. 

 References can be provided from the lecturers above if requested for applicable projects.


Finally, we are always on the look out for Internet and Mobile Security specialists. So if you believe you have what it takes in joining a fast growing company and mobile industry, then drop us a line.